Oil and Gas Leases and Land Use Agreements

Our Real Estate Practice Group has considerable experience and expertise in the area of oil- and gas-related transactions. We know the law and understand the dimensions and operations of the natural gas industry and how it may impact our clients. Our attorneys have been recognized as landowner advocates and have represented, assisted and advised clients in all aspects related to the exploration and production of natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica shale formations. In addition to zealously representing our clients in the leasing process, we have also represented clients with various types of surface and land use agreements including surface use and disturbance agreements (for well pads), right-of-way and easement agreements for pipelines, power lines and waterlines (above ground and below ground), access road agreements (permanent and temporary), road bore agreements, seismic testing and geophysical operations agreements, temporary work space and staging agreements, land use agreements for facilities and equipment, timber contracts and proposals, releases, and various other forms of agreements and documents concerning the use and/or disturbance of real property.

In addition to leasing and land use-related agreements, our Real Estate Practice Group routinely works on real estate transactions involving oil- and gas-related components including title matters, the severance, sale, transfer and conveyance of real estate and oil and gas rights, and subordination and non-disturbance agreements. Our experience includes having completed more than 2,000 oil and gas lease transactions to the negotiation and drafting of documentation and closing on the sale of a client’s oil and gas rights to a publicly traded company for a sum in excess of $10 million. Our Real Estate Practice Group attorneys frequently lecture on the subject and have been speakers or panelists for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, Lorman Educational Services, Allegheny County Bar Association, National Association of Royalty Owners and Vistage International.

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