Bernstein-Burkley, P.C. attorneys have counseled and assisted clients in many innovative and exciting ways over the years. The following are a sampling of cases that illustrate the creativity and ingenuity of our most valuable asset, our people.

MHF Trucking Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors Plan confirmed, meaningful distributed to creditors, a successful reorganization
Brownsville General Hospital Creditors Plan confirmed, Bob Bernstein Appointed Plan Administrator
Brockway Local Counsel to debtor Sold assests thereby saving hundreds of jobs
Alpha Housing Creditors Plan confirmed, distributed to creditors,
successful reorganization
Medical Malpractice Verdict Mediator Mediated a medical malpractice case to the benefit of both parties
Spirit Harley-Davidson, Inc. Operating Receiver Kept a business thriving while the principals were engaged in a divorce dispute
Arter & Hadden, LLP Represented petitioning Creditor in a Chapter 7/Trustee Filed involuntary bankruptcy petition against a closed law firm unable to pay its debts, including pensions
Security Systems Supplier Defendant in preference action Successfully fought $29,000 claim for preferential transfer prompting the debtor to withdraw the claim
Major Supplier of Electronic Components Supplier/Critical Vendor Obtained critical vendor designation that secured $400,000 in outstanding payments for the client.
Large International Electrical Supply Distributor Defendant in preference action Assisted client in having $100,000 Preference Action dismissed without any payment.
Various Personal Injury Claimants  Allegheny International Corporation Representing Products Liability Claimants in the Bankruptcy of Allegheny International
Debois Investment Group Allegheny International Credit Corporation Assisting client in maintaining property bought at pre-bankruptcy tax sale.
Allegheny Motel Inn, Inc. Trustee and Attorneys for Trustee Liquidation of Pittsburgh Hotel
Benjamin Coal Company Representing major creditors in Chapter 11 case Senior creditors hired firm to protect their interest in Chapter 11 of customer.
Cambria Mills Coal Company Representing major creditors in Out of Court Workout Largest creditors sought assistance working with debtor to avoid bankruptcy.
Ready Mix Concrete Company Representing largest creditor of concrete firm Client utilized advice to become secured and protect its interests.
Criminal Demolition Represented firm demolishing Holiday House Client was accused of violating municipal code in demolition.
Glosser Bros., Inc. Represented largest landlord of discount chain Client needed assistance in protecting its leased locations in tenant’s Chapter 11 case.
Ferrell Prior Representing Unsecured Creditors Committee Creditors of oil & gas driller suspected of fraud by debtor.
First Century Corporation Representing Unsecured Creditors Committee Creditors of three coal companies sought out Bernstein and Bernstein, P.C.
Consumer Finance Corporation Assistance in enforcement and property sales Client with receivables and properties for sale throughout Pennsylvania utilizes assistance of Firm.
Hathaway and G & K Bakery Trustee and Attorneys for Trustee As Trustee, assisted debtor in reorganization of bakery and catering business.
Guaranty for a Friend Guarantor Client guaranteed debts for a “friend” and was being sued for $300,000.
Hercules Service Corporation Rustproofing Franchisor As special Counsel, assisted Chapter 11 debtor.
K. F. Dairies Creditor with alleged Preferential Payment Client was exposed for $250,000.
Printing equipment recovery Lessor of printing equipment Client sought recovery of leased equipment.
Liberty Electronics Representing Unsecured Creditors Committee Assisted creditors in obtaining 100% payment.
Failure to satisfy mortgage Representation of mortgage holder Client was sued for alleged failure to satisfy a paid mortgage.
Pittsburgh Press Club Representing Unsecured Creditors Committee Despite committee’s efforts, club closed.
Queen City Distributing (Sol Neft) Representing Unsecured Creditors Committee Committee and Bernstein and Bernstein obtained increased distribution for creditors.
Securities Fraud Class Action Officers of Target Corporation Assisting officers in avoiding liability in $35 million action.
Shotrock, Inc. Representing General Electric Capital Corporation Assisted client in recovery of substantial sums from Chapter 11 debtor and guarantors.
TJX Companies (Ames Dept. Stores) Representing Landlord Working with client to prevent rejection of lease of stores and transfer of dispute to New York.
Uniflow Manufacturing Co. (Koldraft) Representing Unsecured Creditors Committee Firm and committee succeeded in forcing substantial increase in Plan offered to creditors.
Van Huffel Tube Co. Representing Unsecured Creditors Committee Committee assisted in attempted reorganization of steelmaker.
David Weis Jewelers Representing largest creditors Creditors rejected company’s first offer and secured more significant offer of payment.
Yobe Electric Trustee and Attorneys for Trustee Presided over liquidation of large electrical contracting firm
I. D. Craig Service Corp. Trustee and Attorneys for Trustee Liquidated insurance reseller with over 12,000 creditors. Creditors paid more than 86%.
Italian Oven, Inc. Representing Committee of Franchisees Franchise Committee obtained important concession by buyer of national chain.
Star-Tron Technology, Inc. Representing Debtor in Possession Confirmed first “Small Business Case” in Pittsburgh
Insulfoams, Inc. Trustee and Attorneys for Trustee Victory in Circuit Court of Appeals for Trustees and Creditors!! Firm wins a big decision.

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