Get out there and volunteer!

I’m sure that’s a pretty strange title for a post on a law blog.  But today I was reviewing where I spent my time in the last several days.  I found that a good bit of my time was spent on volunteer activities.  I’m not blowing my own horn, but sharing how I think those sorts of Continue reading

50-State Judgment Renewal Timing

A couple of weeks ago, a client whose national recoveries we manage asked if I knew where there was a list of the judgment renewal deadlines in the fifty states.  I didn’t have one handy, but offered to search.  I posted a question on the NARCA listserv and offered to share the results.  I Continue reading

Consignment Question

Recently, we published our Client Advisory, including an article on Consignments.  One of our colleagues asked: Fine article. Question, if you don’t mind: Does the authenticated notification required to be sent by a consignor pursuant to UCC Sec. 9-324(b)(2) need to be sent to other consignor Continue reading

Pittsburgh Seminar on Judgment Enforcement

One of our top experts on Judgment Enforcement and collections, Nick Krawec, will be participating in a seminar on September 12 2008 in Pittsburgh.  If you have an interest in this topic, Nick is one of the best! Bob Bernstein To Register:   Seminar ID: 360408 Your priority code is: 306960. Please Continue reading

Welcome to our law blog

Our new law blog allows us to have more interaction with our clients and colleagues, as well as with those interested in our topics. Because of the fields of law in which we practice (Creditor’s Rights, Bankruptcy & Restructuring, and Business Law) most of our posts and discussion will be Continue reading