The “Credit Crisis” Still Exists

It’s gotten pretty quiet out there about whether businesses can get loans; what was known as the “credit crisis.”  It hasn’t loosened up very much. Maybe there is money to lend.  Maybe there isn’t.  Even if there is, it seems that only those busineses with good credi Continue reading

Don’t Make it Personal

“They stole from me!” “I am not taking a penny less than the full amount owed!” “I want to nail that son of a b#@^$!”  Often creditors engage an attorney to recover an amount owed from a debtor, and the creditor feels betrayed or wronged by the debtor.  It doesn Continue reading

Bankruptcy Issues for Creditors

In 2005, a record number of debtors filed bankruptcy prior to the effective date of the amendments to avoid the amendments to the bankruptcy code that made it more difficult for debtors to file bankruptcy. After the amendments took effect, the number of bankruptcies being filed nosedived. Many peo Continue reading