Place a Claim with Bernstein Burkley

Best Way to Place a Claim with Bernstein-Burkley, P.C.

When your debtor won’t pay or breaks a deal, you want action fast. Here are the ways you can get that fast action with the Creditors’ Rights Practice at Bernstein-Burkley, P.C. If you “promise” them immediate action in response to their default, you can get it with the Creditors’ Rights Practice at Bernstein-Burkley, P.C.:

  1. Use our claim placement page to immediately send the basic claim information to our team.
  2. Call us right now! Get one of our attorneys on the phone and place the claim. Within minutes we can be calling the debtor. Call:
    • Bob Bernstein
    • Nick Krawec
    • Ray Wendolowski
  3. Email. If you email the basic information or, better yet, scan the documents and include them), we can start contacting your debtor immediately. Place your claims by email to and it will be in the hands of one of our lawyers fast.

Each of our attorneys has a direct fax number that arrives like email! Click their link above to see their contact information or use the main fax at 412-456-8135. Any problems, call us at 412-456-8100. Our company code is PA3. Get fast action by submitting your claim through this electronic interface.

By mail. The “old fashioned” way of placing claims still works with us. Send by mail (regular or overnight) to us at 2200 Gulf Tower, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

Whatever way you place the claim with us, be assured you will receive:

  • A prompt acknowledgment.
  • Fast, personal service.
  • The benefit of our forty years’ experience working with agencies to help their clients.

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