A short series for Creditors

Many collection or credit managers spend a great deal of time preventing collection problems, whether in the granting process or the in-house collection phase. More experienced personnel understand what happens when an account can’t be collected or adjusted in-house and has to be placed with an outside agency. Most managers have had experience with collection agencies and have some sense how that process works. The more experienced managers have systems and relationship set up so their team knows exactly when an account gets placed and how that happens.

Fewer know the ins and outs of what happens after the agency makes its efforts, but can’t collect or settle the account. This short series will cover the legal placement and litigation process for a typical collection claim for goods sold and delivered.

Part 1: What causes it to “go legal?” Part 2: How is a Lawyer chosen?
Part 3: What Happens During the First Few Days After Placement? Part 4: What Communication Should the Client Expect?
Part 5: What Can the Lawyer Really Do? Part 6: There are Disputes and There are Disputes
Part 7: Lawsuit Time – Supporting Your Litigation Part 8: When and How to Settle Litigation
Part 9: Can I Just Give Up? Part 10: What Does This All Cost?

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