Creditors’ Rights Lawyer Writes the Book on Getting Paid


Creditors’ Rights Lawyer Writes the Book on Getting Paid
Bernstein’s new book, Get P.A.I.D., introduces sure-fire system for collecting for sales.

Pittsburgh, PA … Deadbeats beware – creditors’ attorney Bob Bernstein’s got your number. His new book, Get P.A.I.D., lays out an innovative strategy for businesses to successfully manage their credit policy and collect for their sales. As past president of the Commercial Law League of America and The American Board of Certification, the country’s leading bankruptcy and creditors’ rights certifying organization, Bernstein is an expert. Get P.A.I.D. is Bernstein’s comprehensive system for businesses and credit managers to increase profits, reduce costs and delays, while developing better relationships with customers.

Get P.A.I.D.: A Guide to Getting Paid Faster, outlines Bernstein’s four-step method and provides a “Get P.A.I.D. Toolbox” to help businesses better manage their credit policies.

“Many small businesses provide easy credit to their customers, thinking this will foster better relationships. But when they don’t pay, that philosophy backfires. You can end up losing both the money and the customer,” says Bernstein.

The book advances a radical new philosophy; credit policy isn’t just about collections. It’s a business strategy to enhance customer relationships and add value to a company.

The four steps to the Get P.A.I.D. method include:

  • Preparation: An explanation for developing an effective credit policy.
  • Assessment: Steps for assessing credit and defining the proper precautions to integrate the credit information with your credit policy.
  • Implementation: A timetable for acting quickly on late payments.
  • Defense: Strategies for dealing with deadbeats

“The way credit is handled can impact a company’s bottom line and can affect the relationship a company has with its vendors and customers,” says Bernstein.

Get P.A.I.D. is the first in a series of books and training materials to help businesses reframe their credit policies, be more responsive to customers, and increase their profits. The Get P.A.I.D. book is available at,



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