Credit Easing?

I suppose the lowering of LIBOR is an indication to some that credit is easing, at least on Fleet Street!  Most of the “main street” businesses probably don’t feel that yet.  Not sure if that is a measure of credit that will filter down anytime soon.  LIBOR is the London Inter B Continue reading

DIP Loans Harder to Find?

When a company files a Chapter 11 case (or even before-when there is time), a big issue is how to fund operations post-filing.  The Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) needs to make arrangements with its current lender(s) or a new lender to take on the additional risk (and rewards) of a DIP loan. With the c Continue reading

Credit, Credit Everywhere…

“Credit” is the topic of so many discussions these days.  From the $85 billion “loan” the US is giving AIG to the effect the credit “markets” have on business, to the impact of the mortgage (credit) crisis. An area getting less focus (and more deserving of attent Continue reading

Who Would Have Thought…

…that we would have to prop up Fannie, Freddie and AIG at the same time?  There are so many interesting discussions going on around these actions.  Where do we draw the line?  What interest is really being protected by putting these scores of billions of Treasury dollars into these companie Continue reading

A Down-to-Earth Collection Resource

I’ve become very impressed with the work of Michelle Dunn, author, consultant and former owner of a collection agency built from scratch.  Michelle’s books and articles stress many of the same things I’ve been saying about how small businesses have to protect themselves when grant Continue reading

Beyond the Nigerian Email Scam

If you are reading this, you most certainly have at one time received an email from the sister-in-law to the Finance Minister of Nigeria (or someone like her), telling you they have $xx million in a bank they need to get out and you can help and get 10% (or some incredible number).  The whole idea Continue reading

Get out there and volunteer!

I’m sure that’s a pretty strange title for a post on a law blog.  But today I was reviewing where I spent my time in the last several days.  I found that a good bit of my time was spent on volunteer activities.  I’m not blowing my own horn, but sharing how I think those sorts of Continue reading

50-State Judgment Renewal Timing

A couple of weeks ago, a client whose national recoveries we manage asked if I knew where there was a list of the judgment renewal deadlines in the fifty states.  I didn’t have one handy, but offered to search.  I posted a question on the NARCA listserv and offered to share the results.  I Continue reading